Stígandi is our main breeding horse, he has given us good breeding horses, competition horses and 'gæðingar'. Stígandi is from honorary priced parents, the mother is Hnota from Stóra-Hof and his father is Aron from Strandarhöfuð.

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Breeding judgement
Head 8 Tolt 9
Neck/herðar/bógar 7.5 Trot 8.5
Back and croup 8.5 Pace 8
Proportions 8.5 Gallop 8.5
Leg quality 8.5 Willingness 9.5
Straightness of legs 7 Form under rider 8.5
Hooves 8.5 Walk 7
Main and tail 8.5 Riding abilities 8.72
Conformation 8.1 Slow tempo tolt 8.5
    Slow temo gallop 8
Total 8.47